Treatment procedures


Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine. Its strength lies in the use of different energy sources. This energy as heat, water, electricity, sound, light and many others is directed in a special way for the prophylaxis or treatment of the human body. In some cases, physical therapy is given as a concomitant treatment enhances the primary. It is administered by physiotherapists who very precisely define the parameters of procedures and course of treatment. Physiotherapy administered at different ages and in different diseases, there are ample opportunities to influence the human body.

Available to all customers wishing to take care of your health is our modern equipped physiotherapy office.

Lye therapy

Lye therapy is the perfect opportunity to feel the healing power of nature. This unique natural product reduces inflammation and relieves joint pain particularly in the back, the knees, and the arms. Lye therapy brings back the vitality of your body.


Electrotherapy is a preferred method for alleviating pain and taking care of injuries. The alteration of low- and mid-frequency electric current recovers the muscles and reduces inflammation.

Magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy uses the healing power of magnetic fields in order to relieve rheumatic pains and accelerate recovery after injuries. This is one of the oldest forms of treatment practiced by the ancient Egyptians with no side effects. It leads to good results in the treatment of cardiovascular and nervous system conditions, as well as inflammatory and chronic rheumatic pain.

Ultrasound therapy

Take advantage of the ultrasound therapy offered at Livia’s Secrets Spa. This modern healing method combines the benefits of ultrasound waves with healing gels and balms. The therapy is appropriate for the treatment of problems with the locomotive system such as disc herniation, rheumatism, injuries, etc.


The benefits of hydrotherapy have been known for thousands of years. Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest, most accessible and safe methods for treating a variety of pains.

Vichy Shower

Resembling a warm summer drizzle, this relaxing treatment has an anti-stress invigorating effect on your entire body. The Vichy Shower has various programs for relaxation and for slimming. This special treatment will make you feel energized and refreshed.

Pearl baths

When you get into the hot, bubbling water in the hydrotherapy bath, you feel rested both mentally and physically. Pumped bubbles and steam make great massage to the body.

The way we feel physically can affect thoughts, feelings and can feel complete. Therefore, this procedure is more than purely physical warm spa procedure. Regular use of the hydrotherapy tub gives us health, full and enjoyable dimension of our lives. Hydrotherapy tub relieves back pain and rheumatic symptoms, helps the nervous system and removes muscle tension. If you use regularly steam bath, you will forget about insomnia and stress.

Pamper yourself in a bath with mineral water and experience the gentle massage of warm water jets. Lift your mood and enjoy a journey of various fragrant oils with a healing effect:

  • Aroma bath for delicate, supple and sensitive skin with sweet almond oil;
  • Energizing bath with rosemary oil;
  • Balancing bath with orange and lime tree oil;
  • Harmonizing bath with lavender oil;
  • Relaxing bath with field flowers oil;
  • Respiratory relief bath with eucalyptus.


Underwater Jet Massage

This relaxing and energizing underwater massage is the best way to get rid of  tiredness. Feel the healing effect of mineral water on your entire body. The water jet penetrates deep into the soft tissues and improves metabolism, helps digestion and relieves the locomotive and nervous systems.

Water Jet Bath

Professional hydrotherapy bath where massage nozzles tone the whole body. The treatmenet has a long-term drainage effect on the low limbs. Perfectly combinated with anti-cellulite and rehabilitation programs.

Hydro-colon therapy

Due to poor nutrition, less physical activity, and stress the body accumulates toxins and misbalances the proper functioning of inner organs. Livia’s Secrets Spa offers an effective way to reduce these processes by hydro-colon therapy. The healing effect of the mineral water cleanses the gastro-internal area and helps, detoxifies the body, and improves the skin’s appearance.

The procedure is performed under the supervision of a doctor. It is necessary to make an appointment one or two days in advance to perform hidrokolon therapy – tel. +359 337 62099.

Therapeutic gymnastics with kinesiotherapist

Therapeutic gymnastics is a unique holistic method which helps patients with conditions of the locomotive system. It is useful for the recovery of muscles particularly after various injuries. In addition, it can alleviate back pain of adults and children alike. The healing exercises performed in a group or individually restore the vitality of your body and make you feel energized and toned.