Sauna Park

Finnish sauna

It is known for its positive properties on the human body and it is a natural way to improve your immune system, the tonus and vitality of your body. Soft and moist heat increases the immunity and can prevent you from getting sick. What gives you the sauna is not only relaxing but it also detoxifies the whole body. Besides helping you to eliminate mental fatigue it is very important that it burns 300 calories in a single procedure.

Infrared sauna

The infrared sauna uses infrared rays that warm the body directly, so your breathing is not hampered by high humidity or steam. The gentle warmth penetrates through the skin into the body, generating immediate removal of fatigue and stress. Infrared sauna stimulates healthy perspiration of the body when the body is released from the harmful poisons, toxins, metals and the accumulated cholesterol. Simultaneously with the release of harmful substances from the skin are removed and dead cells. The infrared sauna also reduces pain and muscle tension. It burns calories and helps weight loss.

Steam bath

The steam bath is a form of thermal treatment, wherein the temperature is between 30 and 60 ° C (typically 40-55 ° C), a relative humidity of nearly 100% - the room is noticeably blurred by steam. Since air is not as hot (compared to the dry sauna), this type of bath is suitable for people who don’t tolerate high temperatures. The load on the cardiovascular system is less. Under the influence of the steam, the superficial layer of the skin is softened, which facilitates the exfoliation. It is also believed that the hot humid air act alleviating discomfort associated with diseases of the respiratory system, sinusitis, rhinitis.

Salt sauna

Halotherapy (salt therapy) has an effect on various disorders, improves immunity and tones the body. It is beneficial for all diseases of the respiratory system (chronic asthma, bronchitis, pneumonitis, cough, sinusitis, seasonal allergies), as well as on various skin illnesses – psoriasis, atopical dermatitis, eczema, etc.

A therapeutic climate, very similar to that in salt caves, pine forests and on the sea shore, is created in the salt room using a modern technology (halogenerator). The air in the room is rich in micro elements, 80% of which are found in the human body’s blood plasma.

Ice bucket

This is extremely cooling procedure. The ice bucket is the most well-known and often used method for cooling. It is located near the hottest rooms - saunas and provides the opportunity before entering and immediately after leaving them to pour yourself with cold water.

Ice fountain

Small pieces of ice used to cool the body after using the sauna, hammam or steam bath. When you exit the steam room or sauna pick up some ice pieces and rub thighs, arms, abdomen and face. Thus, you yourself will manage the degree of temperature shock and its duration. The procedure has a very beneficial effect on skin and overall tone of the person. Rub the heated skin with ice improves blood circulation, activates the receptors and tones the nervous system, strengthens blood vessels, helps to reduce swelling. Expanded from a previous thermal process skin pores get shrink, the skin is smooth and becomes more robust and resilient. In this procedure, the contrast in temperatures is very large, but the impact is short and locally, so there is practically no risk of hypothermia or cardiac disorders. However the general contraindications to contrast procedures should be considered.

Sauna park can be used free of charge by guests of the Sana Spa Hotel.

Use of the sauna park is restricted to guests under 16 years old.